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Interbiovac Limited Company, established in Hanoi in November 2003, to be the first member company to be founded in the ALMEDIC JSC. In January 2009, Interbiovac was restructured and renamed as AMV Vaccine Company.

With the mission of inheriting and developing the success of Almedic JSC, AMV Vaccine distributes and the market develops vaccines across Vietnam, build qualified professional staffs for communications and counseling vaccines-related services, increasing the rate of fully-vaccinated children. The annual target is growing every year.AMV Vaccine is striving to become the leading professional marketing and distribution to provide millions of high-safety and efficacious vaccines and services per year from leading biotech countries such as Switzerland, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Korea, and India company in Vietnam.

In January 2005, Global Chemical and Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. - Globchem (precursor of AMV Diagnostic Co., Ltd.) was established with the mission of providing and serving the medical facilities nationwide with equipment and products from many reputable brands in the world, such as Abbott, SD Biosensor, Siemens, Quidel, Techlab, Bioneer, Certest, Fujirebio...

Along with the development of the health sector, AMV Diagnostic always tends to innovate, improve the quality of its operations, constantly search for and cooperate with many companies to provide products with good quality, prestige, and skill technology. Therefore, prices are competitive and consistent with the general trend of the current Vietnamese market.
With its strengths, from experience, enthusiasm at work, young staff, creativity, trust, cooperation, and support from partners, AMV Diagnostic is always one of the leading distributors in reagents and medical devices in the Vietnam market.


Viet A - Vitapharm Ltd., established in April 2005 in Hanoi was restructured as AMV-PHARMACEUTICAL Ltd, in January 2009.

AMV Pharma is one of the five sectors of AMV Group, operating in the pharmaceutical business. Its mission is to provide medicines and biological products for medical facilities throughout the country to meet the needs of improving people's health.

Over the years, AMV Pharma has changed its business pattern, focusing on biotechnological products, particularly cancer drugs based on monoclonal antibodies, cancer treatment vaccines, non-stick preparations for surgery and blood products while exploiting the world’s achievements in medicine and pharmaceutical to bring the best products for the domestic market, helping Vietnamese doctors and patients to access the most advanced therapies.

This department focuses on selling food supplements from qualified suppliers such as Transfer point, Walmark, Lactomason,etc. We understand that having a healthy and balanced body is one of the essential criteria to contribute to society.

Therefore, we always carefully question and consult the customers so that they can choose the most suitable products for themselves.

In order to enhance your own value, choose us!

AMV Food Supplement for your better health and better future!


1. Safpo/Potec

Tangible and intangible property founded from the trademark Safpo/Potec created by ALMEDIC JSC. Safpo/Potec vaccination model based on the concept of "Blue Ocean Strategy" in the general strategy of AMV Group. It is registered for industrial property rights and is recognized by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as well as the countries where Safpo operates.

Safpo/Potec was created based on the competencies of AMV Group and its partners

The purpose is to meet the criteria "Health is gold" of the people and at the same time, it is consistent with the business motto "Safe for your life" of AMV Group.

The slogan is: “Saving Financial for your future”

2. Fastex

Fastex is:

- Fast, accurate, reliable
- Uniformity, prestige
- Professional personnel
- Perfect service quality
- Modern testing systems
- Laboratory of biosafety level 2

Consulting services

►Taking blood on-site as required, returning results at home and/or via the Internet
►Testing for clinics, companies, and individuals
►Biochemistry, hematology, immunology, urine testing
►Diagnostic tests for hepatitis B, C, HPV, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, influenza, dengue, zika, rubella, EV71…
►Cancer screening

3. Gentical

Gentical is a general clinic built on the capacity of AMV Group - a leading prestigious medical group in Vietnam for many years. The purpose is to meet citizens' criteria of "GOLDEN HEALTH", consistent with AMV Group's business motto "Safety for your life".


- Good practice pharmacy GPP
- Providing medicines, food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices to serve the retail buying needs of people
- Products are supplied by reputable companies
- Consultation by pharmacists
- Safe, effective, reasonable

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