Overview of AMV Group period IV - 20th - 21st

05:25' CH - Thứ năm, 18/03/2021

I - Overview of Vietnam in the last 5 years and AMV Group term IV (2017-2020)

AMV Group ended its fourth term and moved to its fifth term at the same time it turned 20 years old (2001-2021). During the 20 years of establishment and development, AMV has witnessed many positive and upward changes in Vietnam, while also taking advantage of this valuable opportunity to build business models. Among them are the strategy of "socialization of the health sector", the strategy of "blue ocean" and integration with the "flat world" to continue to expand and develop during the fourth 3-year term.

Let's take a look at the last 5 years in Vietnam's 30-year renovation process with the economic growth rate maintained at a relatively high level. In the 2016-2019 period, the growth rate is 6.8%/year. By 2020, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the growth rate will reach 2.91%, the average period of 2016-2020 will reach about 5.9%/year. The GDP scale will increase many times to reach 268.4 billion USD in 2020. GDP per capita will increase to about 2,750 USD in 2020. The average labor productivity growth rate in recent period 2016-2020 is 5, 8 years. The average consumer price index (CPI) decreased stably at about 4%/year in the period 2016-2020. Core inflation falls to around 2.5% in 2020.

After 10 years, Vietnam's economy has also gradually reduced its dependence on resource exploitation, expanded credit, and gradually relied on the application of science, technology and innovation, including many industrial technology advances straight to modernity on a par with leading countries in the world. Vietnam has also mobilized resources for development investment to be promoted, investment in the non-state sector has increased rapidly, and efficiency has been improved. A number of corporations and private enterprises have invested in and completed many large works and projects, contributing to promoting production and business development and improving competitiveness. Many public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects have been implemented, especially in the transport sector.

Along with the upward development of the whole country, AMV Group also had a fourth term of continuous development and growth. Average revenue in the period 2017-2020 will grow by double digits on average, increasing by 20% per year. New product portfolio increased by 10%, including many high-tech products, laying the foundation for sustainable growth in revenue for the V term and the following terms. Human resources increased by over 50% compared to the beginning of the term, in which qualified human resources to serve the conditional professions and highly qualified human resources appointed to important positions increased by 60%. . Especially at the end of the fourth term, many more middle management members have been appointed to join the Board of Directors and jointly run the activities of departments and business units.

Infrastructure, tools and technology applications have also been expanded and upgraded during this period. Including the new investment HO.II.2-Center in Da Nang, BO.04-Northeast in Quang Ninh, BO.10-South Central in Binh Dinh, GSP warehouse at HQ for preservation service. Cold chains including cold storage, deep sound storage, and specialized refrigerated vehicles have been synchronously invested and connected to remote monitoring technologies. Management with specialized software in the 4.0 era has also been continuously upgraded with new versions and hardware with modern tools. From sales software to supply chain management, the APP supports vaccinations to forms of timekeeping with photos, digitization of management tools, and electronic invoices.

Investment in the health sector under the policy of public-private partnership has also been effectively expanded during this period. With 35 out of 70 Safpo and Potec injection rooms opened and put into operation, 03 general and specialty clinics Gentical 08-12-58, Pharmaket pharmacy chain with 10 priority focus points in places with high demand. AMV's headquarters, Fastex 08-12 testing center system is also invested with Fastex 21-50 in operation, which will enrich AMV Medical Service's medical services and meet the requirements. People's use of health service packages is increasing day by day. Significant to and recognized the efforts of AMV Health services are component projects focusing on many provinces and districts in remote and remote areas with the aim of bringing high quality medical products and services to the public. In addtion, AMV also follows the direction of the Ministry of Health by bringing fairness and stabilizing service prices so that everyone can access safe and high-effective products without having to go to the hospital in the big city or even go abroad. In which, other contributions must also be made to the use of local human resources, who have retired from participating in component projects and have made additional contributions to society, paying taxes to the locality as well as sharing benefit sharing with participating partners.

Closing the fourth term of continuous growth and achieving many proud achievements that AMV Group members and partners have achieved, and also closing 2020 a year with many challenges.

AMV Group enters the V term (2020-2023) also at the beginning of the 3rd decade, the Board of Directors and members are ready to continue sailing into the big sea and believe that will join with Vietnam to have another successful term in order to increase the average income and move towards professionalism. Together contribute a small part to turn Vietnam into a high-income developed country by 2045 according to the Resolution of the 13th National Congress of the Party set out.

II - AMV Group The 20th-first year of the V term (2020-2023)

Entering the first day of the fiscal year April 1, 2020 - the first year of the fifth three-year term of AMV Group, is also the time when the Prime Minister issued Decision No. spread of Covid-19 nationwide. At AMV, we, along with Vietnam and the world, witnessed the unpredictable changes, challenges and risks of a very serious pandemic. Many businesses are paralyzed, and they are forced to fire their employees or to only work from home. Everyone have to follow the social protocol of wearing masks, disinfecting, social distancing, medical isolation, medical declaration, blue zone, high-risk group, risk group, low-risk group, 5K, speed radical. In order to track down F0-F1, fight the epidemic like fighting the enemy continuously, information is transmitted by media agencies as well as state management agencies to every citizen, every street on multi-media. . Never before has the role of preventive medicine and vaccines been so concerned by organizations and governments as now. Together with the whole country's political system and the consensus of the people, the result is that Vietnam becomes the few countries that can control the Covid-19 epidemic and grow positively worldwide.

Implementing the Directives and Decisions of the Prime Minister, AMV Group has performed the dual task of staying safe on the epidemic prevention and control front during times of widespread covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, AMV also needs to continue its mission in the field of investment, production and business serving the medical industry, especially activities related to the medical service industry (AMV Medical Service). Responsible participation in support and funding activities for epidemic areas such as equipment and test kits for covid-19 testing at some CDCs, hospitals, medical masks, needles, syringes, etc. Transfer Point's Beta Glucan immune booster product, training and communication funding. Together with the whole country, AMV Group is ready to move to a new equilibrium to continue serving the community and strive to fulfill the Group's 20th year targets.

The 20th year of AMV Group ended on March 31, 2021 after a challenging and tumultuous time due to the covid-19 pandemic with 3 times of social distancing nationwide and each province, each region has high risk along with diphtheria outbreaks in the Central Highlands and some Southeast provinces. The overall completion rate of the whole system reached 90% compared to the original plan. The growth rate was negative 5% over the same period last year. Striving to this goal is largely due to the high level of performance of some of the leaders, medical services and exports.

1-Total I sales: Including sales of traditional business lines that are completed 80%. In which, International Biz finished the highest (100%), followed by Vaccine (89%). Due to the fluctuations and strong influence of social distancing and focus on epidemic prevention, the average completion rate is less than 70% in other industries.

2-Total II sales:Including sales of investment projects, NGO contractors and other entrusted services, completed 96%. The contribution of investment projects is increasingly shown in the system when continuously completing at the highest level as well as gradually increasing market share in the system (up to 35% at times) has contributed to stability and sustainability of the Group.

3-Medical service: With experience and increasingly professional staff for more than 12 years, building a medical service channel from the starting point through a system of safe and highly effective injection rooms with two Safpo brands (Public-Private Partnership with CDCs, Vaccine Production Institutes and Public Partners) and the Potec brand (Private Partnership). With the goal of striving to 2023, after 15 years of the first project coming into operation, there will be 100 Safpo/Potec points nationwide. Accomplishing this purpose in addition to affirming the Group's sustainable development, sharing it with the community, especially people in remote areas, and at the same time bringing high and fair medical services in the distribution of vaccines to the community. Safpo/Potec is also recognized as the system with the longest history of operation and the highest coverage density. Along with the Safpo/Potec injection room system, other component projects in the medical service sector such as Gentical General Clinic, Fastex Testing Center and Pharmaket pharmacy will also continue to be invested by the Group. Expanding the range of medical services and expanding medical service complexes under the brand name of AMV Medical Service to 5 points by the end of the V term.

4-Blue Ocean: Succeeding in service retail strategy through AMV MES's system of injection rooms and testing centers over the past 12 years, and at the same time, the Group will continue to commit to invest in scale-up in other areas. the following year was interested and noticed by Big Pharma. Along with the changes of the Government of Vietnam when BPs switched from representative office model to branch or company and were allowed to import directly. In the past time, AMV Vaccine has been officially invited by a number of Big Pharma to negotiate in developing BP's market share to the community, firstly some products and some territories. Blue ocean will create more opportunities for the vaccine industry to have more products, experience and contribute more to value creation and equity in accessing high-quality, new-generation and multi-species vaccines to choice of customers and communities, especially in remote areas.

5-Main targets in the 21st year: Agreed by Mission II with Business Units and BOs, once again affirming that AMV Group along with 5 main product lines will continue to grow together with Vietnam to win the pandemic and be safe in the field of investment, production and business activities.

On the official occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of AMV Group (July 21, 2001 - July 21, 2021), the Board of Directors of AMV Group and nearly 1,000 members are present in all parts of the country and some countries. In the region, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to the Government, the Ministry of Health and the relevant Ministries and sectors for continuously creating conditions through legal corridors for private enterprises to invest, produce production and business contribute to the upward development goal of the country. Maintain national security and safety during covid-19 waves. AMV would also like to thank the State Management Agencies in the localities where the Group's companies have investment and trade activities. Thank you to professional associations, domestic and foreign organizations for trusting in professional cooperation as well as non-profit activities for the common benefit of the community.

In order to take the 20-year step and have the successes like today, AMV thanks domestic and foreign suppliers from all continents, suppliers for the medical service industry, joint ventures with medical products and services. manufacturers and distributors, agents, public-private partners have provided products and services for AMV's lines of business.

Especially, it is impossible not to mention the shares and contributions of tens of thousands of customers and tens of millions of people who have trusted to use the products and services of AMV Group provided and served the community during the past 20 years. AMV Group members would like to send their sincere thanks and deepest gratitude to all customers who have always trusted, accompanied and cooperated with us on the past journey.

AMV Group commits to continue to strive continuously and become more and more professional to comply with the requirements and meet the standards issued by the state management agencies. Along with that, we will continue to bring high quality products and medical services to the community. Participating in priority investment activities for the health sector to share the burden with the Government in socialization and price stabilization for the highest benefit of the community. We will also focus on investing in innovation according to the trend of 4.0 technology to improve labor productivity, effectively manage the system to improve service quality and added value for customers.

In recognition of the contributions of member companies in AMV Group, on this occasion, many organizations inside and outside the health sector have given rewards, which contributed to encouraging the working spirit of all the members from AMV Group. We would like to send our deepest gratitude to all of you!

HQ, April 1th, 2021


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