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The distribution channel of vaccine products of AMV GROUP was established and built from the beginning of the establishment of Duc Minh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in 2001 with a scale of several Northern provinces. After a period of operation, Duc Minh Company restructured and developed the vaccine business when establishing the International Vaccines and Biologicals One Member Limited Liability Company (Interbiovac Ltd.,) in 2003 with the expansion of the vaccine distribution channel to the entire Northern territory, and at the same time began to establish and build a professional distribution channel system including Marketing activities and after-sales services, in which taking Marketing vaccine development as the spearhead.

In the context of the country's growing development and integration, in 2007, Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company (Almedic) decided to restructure its operations and develop according to the Group model with the establish AMV Medical Group; At the same time, the vaccine industry also developed synchronously with the establishment of AMV Vaccine Limited Liability Company and the vaccine distribution channel was also expanded and developed into the Central region and the South when building 4 large distribution centers in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho city and a system of provincial branches in all three regions of the North - Central - South.

AMV GROUP organizes vaccine distribution channel through implementation through four work groups; first, providing quality vaccine products at reasonable prices to customers quickly, conveniently and safely; secondly, carry out marketing, communication and information activities on products, epidemiology, effects, uses and roles of vaccines in disease prevention and control continuously, throughout and widely; thirdly, perform well after-sales service to be able to meet the highest needs of customers and people; fourthly, deploying the information channel system between the Distribution Channel/Company and customers, markets in order to best serve customers and promptly respond to increasing market demands.

The goal, function and mission of the vaccine distribution channel is to serve customers in the best way and cooperate with customers to prevent disease for the people in the work and career of Health Care. initial health for the people as set out by the Party and State.


With the goal of bringing top quality products to the medical industry, AMV Diagnostic is distributing biologicals of the world's leading prestigious brands such as: SD Biosensor, Certest, Fujirebio Inc, Bioneer, Siemens , QuidelOrtho...

Rapid testing with immunochromatographic principle for test results with high sensitivity, specificity and accuracy in diagnosing infectious, digestive, hematological, respiratory diseases: Rotavirus, Adeno virus, HIV, HbsAg, HCV, Syphilis, RSV, Dengue, Influenza... Analytical equipment, for laboratories: system of molecular biology machines, hand-held blood analyzer. EPOC, Immunofluorescence, Analyzer Triage immunofluorescence machine, Standard F200, F2400.. Serodia products - gelatin agglomeration method manufactured by Fujirebio for qualitative detection , quantification: Serodia TPPA, Myco II...

Along with a team of well-trained, experienced, enthusiastic people in work, constantly developing to perfect and improve sales ability, we believe that AMV Diagnostic will become a strategic and reliable partner in the medical industry.


The functional food industry is one of the five product lines of AMV Medical Group. This is the industry that AMV Group focuses on for the purpose of protecting and improving human health; share with members; contribute to the community and society; take the benefit of providing quality goods with clear origin as the focus for sales promotion. Currently, the Group has registered and owns about 20 product announcements, of which are mainly health food products (products to enhance resistance, improve health; products to protect health; products to improve health; supplement with micronutrients, beneficial bacteria, etc.). Products are used to supplement daily to maintain, enhance, improve the functions of the human body, reduce the risk of disease and are aimed at increasing immunity to ensure the sustainable health of each individual.

Health food products are imported by AMV Group directly from reputable manufacturers such as Transfer Point (USA), Pines International (USA), Lactomason (Korea), with high quality production process and meets GMP, HACCP, ISO standards...; These products are circulated in many countries around the world.

AMV Group always focuses on training high-quality human resources, working professionally, consulting dedicatedly and responsibly to customers. We put credibility first, ensuring the products provided are of quality and imported from reputable manufacturers, fully licensed in accordance with current regulations. In the next step, AMV Group will continue to bring valuable products to help improve people's health, prevent adverse effects from environmental pollution affecting human health, and prevent epidemics, reduce the burden of disease to help you find the best version of yourself.


With the aim of meeting the "health is gold" criterion of the community, it is consistent with the business principle of "Safety for your life". AMV Medical Group has focused on investing in building and developing the field of health services, including:

The chain of vaccination clinics meets the safety and high efficiency standards under the brand names of SAFPO (Safety and Potency) and Potec (Potency and Economy).

This is one of the Group's proud achievements in the field of investing in the healthcare industry through Safpo and Potec to serve the community by bringing high-quality products and services closer to as many customers as possible, including people living in remote areas.

System of hospitals - polyclinics branded GENTICAL, laboratory system branded FASTEX

All are built in convenient locations, invested with modern facilities, advanced machinery and equipment, and has a full range of functional departments with a team of experienced doctors and medical experts; Medical staff are well-trained, professional, always dedicated to the health of the people.

The chain of pharmacies under the PHARMAKET brand that meets GPP standards of good practice was developed with the desire to provide people with high-quality and branded medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and medical instruments.

The company has cooperated with many well-known and reputable suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry - functional foods to ensure the supply of goods at reasonable prices. Coming to the PHARMAKET pharmacy system, customers are advised by pharmacists and experts to use drugs correctly, safely and effectively.

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