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05:24' CH - Thứ năm, 18/03/2021

With 23 years of construction and growth, AMV Medical Group has gradually asserted its position AND brand in preventive healthcare. Throughout that process, AMV Group has always been consistent with its vision, mission, and core values: the principle of "safety for your life.", the philosophy of "cooperation for mutual development.", the culture of "sharing values." As a guideline for all of its business development activities, with the results achieved, AMV Group has become a place to share values and a companion to workers.

AMV Group - Place to share Values = Coporate Social Responsibitity

In recent years, AMV Group has always paid attention to promoting, launching, and participating in campaigns, support, humanitarian and charity activities... considering this as one of the corporate cultures - culture Sharing values to help many patients and people in difficult circumstances in all regions of the country, incredibly remote areas, borders, islands. Therefore, AMV group has received recognition from the authorities: levels, sectors, central agencies (Vietnam Fatherland Front, Red Cross Society...), and localities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted and severely affected the economy and the lives and social security of Vietnamese people in general and for workers in businesses in particular. AMV Group has actively and proactively demonstrated its role and responsibility in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, contributing to protecting people's health and safety through specific activities: Sponsoring covid 19-Ag antigen testing; test for COVID-19 using molecular biology method (RT-PCR); equipment, epidemic prevention protection, oxygen generators... for public health facilities, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, Vietnam Red Cross Society, where epidemics occur. In addition, AMV Group mobilizes its staff, employees, and doctors to coordinate and support functional forces and local medical facilities to participate in epidemic prevention and control to ensure safety.

Join hands protecting and supporting our beloved Fatherland's borders

Joining hands with the whole country to support people in overcoming difficulties, promoting the tradition of "solidarity," "The leaves protect tattered ones," AMV Group Trade Union has launched the movement "Joining hands to protect and support the borders of our beloved Fatherland" among officials, employees and benefactors with 12 volunteer projects for the following subjects: people, children in difficult circumstances, poor households, households with meritorious services with the revolution. In addition, humanitarian activities, charity, health care, medical examination and treatment, free medicine distribution to low-income families, visiting and giving gifts to the elderly and disabled people, people, and children in difficult circumstances are always organized regularly by AMV group to contribute to protecting public health.

International volunteer activities are also of great interest to the group. Responding to the call of the Vietnam - Cuba Friendship Association, with the spirit of "Vietnam will always be by our side and supporting Cuba with our abilities" and to contribute to helping the Cuban people overcome difficulties, The union's company delegation has implemented a donation campaign among all officers and employees in the system and received enthusiastic response and participation from individuals and groups. Result: received donations and support from more than 1,000 people with a total amount of 375,590,000 VND; all funds were donated to the Vietnam - Cuba Friendship Association to send to beautiful country Cuba.

“AMV Group is a companion to workers

Accompanying Workers in health care, in recent years, AMV Group employees - members have always received attention and facilitation from the Board of Directors in taking care of and improving their health through the following activities: financial support for members who were infected with COVID-19. Annually, support periodic health examinations; donate and support products to enhance resistance; Vaccination benefit.

Accompany workers in improving their physical, cultural, and spiritual lives

AMV Group has organized many activities to take care of employees' cultural and spiritual lives through the activities of the Trade Union, Bonus and welfare funds, and other policies. Every month, the company arranges many activities such as International Women's Day for female members, Summer Holiday, Giving gifts to children on the occasion of the opening of the new school year from the group's study promotion and talent fund. Furthermore, visiting activities, sickness, filial piety, and weddings are always thoughtfully handled.

Accompanying employees in career and employment, increasing income through policies on salaries, timely bonuses, welfare support funds, and bonus funds, employees can participate in training and compensation classes which Nurture and improve professional skills, public, fair, and appropriate rotation, mobilization, and appointment policies. Those activities help create conditions for each member-employee to develop comprehensively.

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