Overview of AMV Group period VI (2023 - 2026)

05:25' CH - Thứ năm, 18/03/2021

Experiencing the path of formation and continuous expansion up to now, AMV Group has moved to the sixth term of the 23rd year.

During the first period, some companies began to be privatized of all types of companies after the amendment of the corporate law in the 2000s. Along with private enterprises in the trading medical services industry, Duc Minh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Almedic JSC - the first member company of AMV Group) has imported and distributed several vaccines, prescription drugs, and diagnostics to domestic manufacturers to Contribute to enriching the list of insurance drugs and services. Therefore, citizens and medical staff have more opportunities for prevention and treatment.

In the next step, to stabilize prices and seek export opportunities to some regional countries, AMV Group has negotiated to purchase and transfer a part of technology to a joint venture for domestic production. With this step, AMV has participated in several stages in the production process of finished products to serve the existing demand and satisfy the increasing demand of domestic as well as international customers.

One of the pride and affirmations of AMV Group's determination and vision is to take the quality of preventive medicine as a core value through pioneering the investment in preventative health. AMV Group has made the next significant step forward by investing in the health service, initially prioritizing public-private partnerships in vaccination services. The purpose is to bring highquality medical services and various products closer to the community in all provinces and cities nationwide through a system of service vaccination clinics under the public-private partnership and private cooperation model. The next time, with a solid foundation that has been invested and built together with the enthusiasm and love of the profession of the medical staff of AMV Group as well as like-minded partners, the healthcare service industry's AMV continues to be invested in expanding in quantity and improving service quality to meet the criteria of "health is gold" of the people, especially in remote and isolated areas, contributing to the public health and bring high health services closer to the communit.

Twenty-three years for a business is not long time, and many challenges still need to be solved. Especially, The world is changing in thinking, vision, and creativity along with the development of 4.0 technology-based platforms, making the business model increasingly flat and constantly evolving. Therefore, AMV Group firmly believes in going up and affirming its position in providing products for the healthcare sector and highquality services to the community.

AMV Group would like to thank the state management agencies for creating a legal corridor for businesses to operate professionally and be competitive enough in the flat world. Thanks to the suppliers who have trusted and authorized the distribution and production of products in Vietnam as well as exporting to several countries in the region.

AMV really appreciates customers and partners for trusting cooperation and development in the past, and AMV hopes that we continue accompanying production, business, export, and investment activities in the next period...

With the professional human resources and the members who have been with us for decades, AMV Group is committed to doing well and professionally, sharing responsibility with the community, partners, and other members. At the same time, AMV members enhance their contributions and implement corporate social responsibility.


President and CEO

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